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Working Group on Youth Participation at IGF 2018
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The call for proposals to the 13th annual Internet Governance Forum (IGF), which will take place in November in Paris, France, saw nearly 350 proposals submitted to the IGF Secretariat for review by the Multistakeholder Advisory Committee (MAG). Almost two dozen of these (if not more) pertain to youth- and child-related concerns, yet many of the proposals do not include youth perspectives or youth speakers (e.g., this proposal and this proposal).

As outlined in Article II (Mission) of the YCIG charter, and reaffirmed in Article III (Aims & Objectives), the YCIG aims to empower youth who want to actively participate in the IGF’s initiatives by facilitating the active involvement and engagement of more young people on an equal footing with other stakeholders. Bearing this mission in mind, the YCIG wishes to actively lobby for the inclusion of a youth participant in any youth-related session that is approved by the MAG during the July MAG meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, and will ultimately take place during IGF 2018. We also seek to encourage such young people to become actively involved in the organization and execution of the specific sessions.

About the Working Group

The Working Group for Youth Participation in IGF 2018 was planned by YCIG steering committee member Nadia Tjahja (representing the Western Europe and Others Group (WEOG)) who planned to raise a call on the YCIG mailing list, based on the YCIG Charter and in line with the IGF 2017 YCIG Community Request to Action. The idea is to create a small working group under the lead Su Sonia Herring, an experienced YCIG member who has been involved in and attended IGF sessions in the past to advocate for greater youth participation in the global IGF as well as national and regional IGFs (NRIs).

The WG will be tasked with writing an introduction and sending letters to all session organizers about youth who do not have a young person involved in their session(s), and ask them to consider including a young person, which we would cross-reference with the YCIG’s youth experts list, as a panelist or key participant in the audience who would provide commentary. The WG will be led by a chair or co-chairs, and participants in the WG will be chosen by the YCIG steering committee after a call for interest has been circulated on the YCIG mailing list.

Benefits of Joining the WG

Aside from ensuring the voices of young people are fairly represented during IGF 2018, the WG will provide an opportunity for interested YCIG members to learn more about the IGF planning process, as well as offer them the ability to potentially join one of the session organizing teams as a youth speaker. Additionally, membership in the WG offers a chance to:

  • Witness the IGF Planning process with a/an experienced YCIG member(s)

  • Learn more about Internet governance issues, especially ones relevant to youth;

  • Become familiar with the workshops and sessions of IGF 2018

  • Increase your advocacy skills and networks;

  • Participate in coordinated outreach activities; and

  • Actively practice the values that underpin the multistakeholder model, especially by ensuring youth voices are heard.

Requirements for joining the WG

We are looking for motivated and proactive members of the YCIG community who have an interest in ensuring youth voices are heard at the global IGF. Previous experience with the IGF or other Internet governance processes is encouraged but not required. All communication will be conducted in English, so professional competency in English is required.

Members of the working group are expected to contribute 2-3 hours per week (maximum) toward the duties of membership, including taking conference calls if needed and completing research, writing, and editing work.


The working group will form in June 2018, and will conclude in November 2018 after the IGF once the WG’s work is deemed completed by the YCIG steering committee. Note that it may also include additional time for evaluation and feedback for future working groups.

For more information, contact:

Su Sonia Herring –

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