YCIG participation in MozFest 2021

YCIG Steering Committee submitted several proposals for the MozFest 2021, to which 3 of them were accepted, in collaboration with the Youth Observatory.

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Facilitators: Elisabeth Schauermann (Youth IGF Germany), Raashi Saxena (The Io Foundation), Eileen Cejas (YCIG & Youth Observatory), Noha Ashraf (YCIG) and Pedro Peres (LAPIN).

The session was conducted with the support of Elisabeth Schauermann as facilitator who made the introduction to the 4 scenarios: Environment, Business, Society and Governance. These scenarios were created as part of the discussions raised at the Youth4DigitalSustainability program. This program with 50 experts around the world elaborated a series of recommendation on several aspects of digital sustainability. Elisabeth explains us in a few words “Digital Sustainability as pertaining to how we (could) govern the Internet in an open, deliberative manner was the main thematic driver of the Youth4DigitalSustainability initiative. However, the discourse is often euro-centric and exclusionary for many people.” Using the method of guerrilla writing, the facilitators invited participants to comment and exchange ideas in order to define points of actions and concrete advocacy on digital sustainability.

Regulating Artificial Intelligence with Collective Intelligence

Facilitators: Antoine Verge (We, the Internet), Manon Potet (We, The Internet), Jean F. Quéralt (The Io Foundation), Eileen Cejas (YCIG & Youth Observatory), Jon Stever (The Io Foundation) and Raashi Saxena (The Io Foundation).

The session was conducted by Missions Publiques, an international for profit organisation that created the We, the Internet project, in which 100 citizens of each country from around the world gather one day to discuss Internet related issues. At this session, the topic of artificial intelligence was the main topic of discussion due to the sucess of 77 dialogues in 2020. Artificial Intelligence has become a hot topic in the recent years because there are some difficulties to differentiate AI governance from traditional governance, and how AI algorithms arbitrarily discriminates against certain communities. In this regard, the session was the perfect platform to discuss with attendees some suggestions to tackle these issues while using materials from the Global Citizens Dialogues used.

Mama works at home

Facilitator: Noha Ashraf (YCIG)

The session navigated around the topic of remote work and parenthood during the pandemic, comparing experiences from mothers from Egypt and around the world, thinking of the implications of lockdown, working hours and handling multitasking.

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