YCIG Steering Committee

YCIG is coordinated by the Steering Committee which consists of five individuals, each representing a respective region (based on the United Nations’ regional grouping):

  • African Group;
  • Asia-Pacific Group;
  • Eastern European Group;
  • Latin American and Caribbean Group (GRULAC); and
  • Western European and Others Group (WEOG).

The Steering Committee of YCIG 2019

 Tanveer – Asia-Pacific Group


Jawad Tanveer is currently working as a researcher at COMSATS University Islamabad, Pakistan in department of computer science. Additionally, he is an instructor at CISCO Regional Networking Academy-CUI. Jawad Tanveer describes himself as a person with a versatile skill-set, a lot of integrity and a willingness to go the extra mile to satisfy a student. He did his MS from Riphah International University from department of system engineering; where he mainly worked on the IETF project: SAVI Solution for DHCPv4/v6. Prior to that, he did his BS in Telecommunication & Networking from COMSATS University wah-campus. Jawad Tanveer is actively involved in the research areas of cyber security and he is also a member of network research group at Ripah International University. Recently, he got PhD scholarship from Sejong University (KOREA).

Jawad Tanveer participated in ICANN 55 meeting at Morocco in a NextGen program and he is also an active member of ISOC Islamabad Chapter Pakistan so beside official engagement his all work out, events and activities are related to this chapter.

Fawad Khan – Eastern European Group

001__ma_7952Fawad Khan is an EdTech designer, researcher and educator based in Finland. He works on EdTech solutions that are designed to build the understanding of scientific practices, concepts as well as critical knowledge. In the field of education and technology, Fawad’s work focuses on students’ digital literacies and teacher’s digital competencies. Fawad did his bachelors in Electronic governance and public policies and his Masters in Education and Globalisation from the University of Oulu Finland.

Fawad started his career as a communication officer with [YES]-Youth engagement services. Later, he joined Stonefly INC and has worked on Cloud computing and Disaster recovery projects. He has also worked with Embarcadero technologies on Raid studio software development projects.

Fawad is a member of Finnish internet forum and ISOC Finland Chapter. He started his internet governance journey in 2015 with PKSIG. Since then, he has been actively involved in multiple internet governance related issues. He went to European School on Internet Governance, Internet governance forum and Digital Greens. He is also a member of Digital Grassroots ambassador group. Along with that, he has been actively involved in Digital rights issues with Federation of young European greens. Fawad recently joined working group for Digital [x] Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe (CDN).

Fawad’s research focuses on the digital competence of educators and the development of digital literacy. He enjoys discussing internet governance issues with digital natives, also, teaching digital literacy related issues to those who don’t have the best knowledge of the digital sphere. He also enjoys learning and teaching how to be a produce quality contents by using internet effectively and to create a better and safe digital future for ourselves.

Nadia Tjahja – Western European and Others Group (WEOG) 

Nadiaprofilephoto.jpgNadia Tjahja was the former Vice President Communications at Young European Leadership and former Agency Coordinator of the 2016 prize-winning online international source verification and fact checking campaign Newsworthy. She has volunteered and worked nearly ten years for youth empowerment in education and politics, youth policy and youth representation; and continues to seek opportunities for young people to contribute to international policy-making. She is a recent graduate from the College of Europe and studied MA European Interdisciplinary Studies at Natolin campus, majoring in EU as a Global Actor with a research focus on strategic narratives of global actors in the new media ecology. She also holds a Bachelors in Communication Studies from Vesalius College with a focus on political, intercultural and organisational communications.

Her #Netgov interests are Information Warfare, Strategic Narratives, Mis/Dis/Malinformation Campaigns (Fake News), Violent Extremism, Online radicalisation, data protection, privacy, Media and Europe, media & digital literacy.

At YCIG, Nadia was elected to represent the Western European and Others Group.

No candidate was elected for the African and GRULAC Group, and in line with our statues we will be opening elections soon, however, please do reach out to youthcig@gmail.com.