YCIG Steering Committee

YCIG is coordinated by the Steering Committee which consists of five individuals, each representing a respective region (based on the United Nations’ regional grouping):

  • African Group;
  • Asia-Pacific Group;
  • Eastern European Group;
  • Latin American and Caribbean Group (GRULAC); and
  • Western European and Others Group (WEOG).

The Steering Committee of YCIG 2018

James Propa Kaliisa – Africa Group 

James is a Ugandan media practitioner and youth activist holding a BSc Computer Science. Since 2011, I have been writing for Global Voices Online where I report on news that has got significant interest by people in Sub Saharan Africa on the internet but requires a push to receive coverage by the international platforms and community. I have covered stories about internet shutdown during the presidential elections, newspaper shutdowns in Uganda and several others on media and online freedoms being violated in Uganda. On the other hand I work with Metro Fm Uganda hosting a youth entertainment show aimed at building the capacities of the young people on different fronts of life, such as their rights to information and free speech. On the same show I share basic knowledge and approaches the young people can access information for the different activities they engage in through using the internet.

In the past two years I have also got involved in helping to find solutions on how to bridge the gap using the internet on how to effectively involve urban young people in community environmental conservation thorough effective Social & Mainstream Media Communication.

In 2014 I was selected as a Royal Commonwealth Society Associate fellow because of my work to support and educate young people about internet use. Furthermore I have featured on several TV shows including Al Jazeera’s the Stream and Listening Post to discuss stories that have received interest on Social Media in Uganda. For the last 7 years I have been in Ugandan Media and active on the internet, I have dedicated my life to help better the livelihoods of the marginalized and underprivileged young people through communicating to them and engaging in campaigns and projects to help them.

Krishna Kumar – Asia-Pacific Group

Krishna Kumar Rajamannar.jpgKrishna Kumar Rajamannar hails from Chennai, India. He graduated from the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin with a master’s degree in Public Policy. He also holds a master’s in Electronic Media from the College of Engineering, Guindy.

Since 2012, Krishna has been an active participant in the Internet Governance field. He got engaged in IG through the Internet Societies – Next Generation Leaders programme. The following year, He was elected as the secretary for the Internet Society Chennai Chapter. Krishna was responsible for organizing events and keeping the local community updated on the key issues of privacy, data protection, and Internet governance. He first participated in the ICANN meeting in 2014. Since then, He has been a fellow, mentor, and NextGen at the ICANN 51, 53 and 58 meetings. In 2015, He was selected as the ISOC ambassador for the 9th Internet Governance Forum. In June 2016, He participated in the New Media Summer School and contributed to a campaign against geo-blocking at the European Dialogue on Internet Governance conference. In July 2016, He completed the coursework at the European Summer School on Internet Governance and he was later awarded the Amazon-EuroSSIG fellowship to participate in the 10th Internet Governance Forum. In 2017, He was selected for the Copyfighters programme to work with young people from around Europe on a modern copyright reform proposal. He also regularly contributes to the Geneva Internet Platform – Digital Watch by working as an Assistant Curator.

Professionally, Krishna has worked for four years as a media strategist and consultant. He is well versed in offline, online media marketing, campaigning, and advocacy.

Israel Roses – Latin America & Caribbean Group

Israel Rosas is an Internet Policy Analyst in the Coordination of the National Digital Strategy from The President’s Office in Mexico. He is a member of ISOC, Mexico Chapter, SIG Youth and SIG Cybersecurity. He’s been also an ICANN Fellow since 2015 and ICANN Fellowship Coach since 2017. Rosas is deeply involved in Internet Policy and Governance issues. He’s been designated by the Government of México -as former Host Country- as a representative to the IGF Multistakeholder Advisory Group. He’s also involved in CSTD and WSIS discussions. At the local level, he’s involved in the Initiative Group on Internet Governance, the local effort on Internet Governance. He’s also promoting outreach and engagement activities on Internet Governance through the Multidisciplinary Academy of Law and Technologies (AMDETIC), a local organization.

Nadia Tjahja – Western Europe and Others Group (WEOG) 

Nadiaprofilephoto.jpgNadia Tjahja was the former Vice President Communications at Young European Leadership and former Agency Coordinator of the 2016 prize-winning online international source verification and fact checking campaign Newsworthy. She has volunteered and worked nearly ten years for youth empowerment in education and politics, youth policy and youth representation; and continues to seek opportunities for young people to contribute to international policy-making. She is a recent graduate from the College of Europe and studied MA European Interdisciplinary Studies at Natolin campus, majoring in EU as a Global Actor with a research focus on strategic narratives of global actors in the new media ecology. She also holds a Bachelors in Communication Studies from Vesalius College with a focus on political, intercultural and organisational communications.

Her #Netgov interests are Information Warfare, Strategic Narratives, Mis/Dis/Malinformation Campaigns (Fake News), Violent Extremism, Online radicalisation, data protection, privacy, Media and Europe.

At YCIG, Nadia was elected to represent the Western Europe and Others Group and is the contact point for the Eastern European Group.

No candidate was elected for the Eastern European Group, however, please do reach out to youthcig@gmail.com or with Nadia directly, who has offered to be the point of contact!